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Preservatives (Parabens)

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First, we'd like to mention the fact that THERE ARE NO EFFECTIVE AND SAFE ALL-NATURAL PRESERVATIVES AVAILABLE!  There are purists that believe substances such as grapefruit seed extract (GSE), certain essential oils, or potassium sorbate are options for all natural preservatives that will safely and effectively protect a product against the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast.  This is NOT true.  None of these substances will effectively protect against the growth of any of the "beasties" in a body product.

Now, on to the topic of Parabens.  While we do not believe the hype media has created concerning the use of parabens in personal care products, we do recognize that many people are concerned with them.  Our Body Basics line is completely Paraben-Free, for this reason.  Our Botanical Baby line is also Paraben-free.  However, some of our other products may contain paraben based preservatives.  Read below for our opinion regarding the preservative debate.

The studies that have been done have been in small focus groups.  These studies were not conclusive and failed to show a direct connection between the use of products containing parabens and an increased risk of cancer (specifically, breast cancer).  The levels of usage of paraben type preservatives is so low that the FDA's official stance on the subject is that they are safe and no need for consumer worry.  The FDA does, however, continue to research and evaluate the use of parabens and other chemicals.

Yes, there are other preservatives available.  However, parabens have been used and tested over a much longer period of time (used for nearly 100 years) and are found to be most effective.  




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