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Just a quick note to let you all know that all of our products are manufactured in a controlled environment.  What does this mean to you????


It means that......

    • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is worn - gloves, mask, apron, etc.  This is not only for our protection, but for our customer's protection.  The use of PPE helps protect the integrity and quality of the final product.
  • NO PETS are ever inside of our manufacturing facility.  Have pet allergies?  No need to be concerned about that stray pet hair or dander being found in your products.  Many home manufacturing companies have indoor pets that can translate into a stray pet hair or dander in the finished product....unintentional or not.  NOT here at TPF!!  We have a dedicated space that we manufacture, blend and package your products in order to ensure that there are NO contaminates in the final product.
  • NO CHILDREN are ever allowed inside of our designated area of manufacture.
  • Noone who is ill (cold, flu-like symptoms, etc) with any type of contageous illness is allowed in the designated area of manufacture.
  • Our designated area of manufacture is not used for any other purpose.
  • All of our equipment is sanitized and disinfectedafter each use and stored appropriately so contamination is avoided.
  • All products follow specific recipes during creation....down to the details of how much fragrance is added per fraction of an OUNCE of product.  This ensures consistency and quality of each product that leaves our facility.  This means that when you re-order, you will get exactly what you expect.
  • Each product is manufactured using a specific set of instructions (order of mixing, blending, what equipment and containers are used, etc).  These instructions are recorded in writing in our facility.  This also ensures consistency in the final product.
  • All staff that is handling product (manufacturing and/or packaging) is appropriately and thoroughly trained.
  • All custom products are manufactured as they are ordered in the batch size that is ordered.  This ensures freshness, quality and consistency in each order.
  • All ingredients used in the manufacture of our products are of cosmetic and/or food grade (whichever is appropriate for the product it is used in).
  • We have FULL DISCLOSURE of all of our ingredients in every product.  Nothing is hidden.

There are many other precautions that we take to ensure the freshness and quality of our products.  These are just a few that we've chosen to highlight.

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