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*P Indicates a Premium Tea.

*F Indicates a Flavored Tea.

NOTE: Matcha, Pearl Jasmine, Blooming Teas and Rose Buds/Petals are NOT available with By The Gallon Teas.

Specialty Blends are considered any blend of herbals to be determined during consultation.  

Black Teas Green Teas White Teas Herbal Tisanes
Assam Bolder Blues *F *P China Mutan White *P Chamomile Citrus
Afternoon Apricot *F Clouds & Mist *P Citrus Blossom White *F *P Citrus Burst (Rooibos)
Bolder Breakfast *F Dragonwell *P   Spiced Mexican Chai (Rooibos)
Cafe LatTea *F Green Earl Grey *F   Rooibos
Ceylon Orange Pekoe Green Paradise *F   Yerba Mate
Chai *F Pearl Jasmine *P   Rose Buds & Petals *P
Chocolate Mint Swirl *F Pineapple Papaya &
Honey *F
  Any of our single herbs
can also be blended for
custom blends.
Earl Grey *F Raspberry Green *F    
English Breakfast Raspberry, Rhubarb & Honey *F
(Seasonal (April-June)
Black & Green Blend. 
Irish Breakfast      
Love Potion #9 *F      
Mango *F      
Tropicana Iced Tea *F      


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