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Our Sea Sponges are harvested off the west coast of Florida.  Tarpon Springs to be exact.  We make the trip to Florida from North Carolina as needed to personally select the sponges we carry.  We choose sponges that are approximately 3-4' in size making them easy to hold in the bath or shower.  When we find smaller ones we sometimes collect those as well for use as facial sponges.  These are NOT synthetic sponges.  They are the real deal.

Sponges are actually living animals.  They move extremely slow, if at all, and are found along the sea floor.   The sponge body is made up of a jelly-like substance that has many holes allowing water to flow through it freely.  They have no organs.  And they come in all shapes and sizes and colors.  They fall prey to many sea animals such as sea turtles, crustaceans and fish.  There are more than 5000 species of sponges and they are found all over the world.  However, as mentioned above, we get ours from the coast of Florida.  Their food consists mainly of bacteria, phytoplankton and nutrients found in the water that flows through them.  

If you google "sea sponges" you can see the vast array of beautifully shaped and colorful sponges that exist. 

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